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We’ve Planned Your Secret Weekend Getaway…

weekend getaways in Berkshire - The Olde Bell Inn at Hurley


We’ve cleared it with the Escape Committee but this is strictly hush-hush. So tell no-one…

Not just yet anyway. It’s ‘need-to-know’. Not a word at the office. At least not until you get back – relaxed, de-stressed and feeling thoroughly smug.

Only the love of your life will be in on this. And only then at the last minute…

You’re going to spring it on your soulmate as a romantic surprise – for that weekend you said to ‘keep free’, supposedly for ‘a bit of DIY around the house’.

Little do they know how much you’re going to pamper them!

Here’s the plan. Pay attention, I will write this only once…

Thursday night…

Tell your loved one that it’s on for this weekend. That gives them 24 hours to pack. Keep it light. We’re talking two overnight bags max. Don’t tell them the destination. Just tell them to be ready by 6pm Friday. Earlier if possible.

Friday night…

Make your escape from the office. Just walk out the door and drive. It’s dress down Friday so you’re already in smart casual.

Collect your loved one and head straight for your perfect Berkshire bolthole, our 882-year-old coaching inn. Yes, you read that right – our five star inn dates back nine centuries.

We even have a secret passage running from our cellar to the village priory. But then we love a bit of intrigue. Take a sneaky peek at our history if you do too…

This part of Berkshire is perfect for furtive weekends away. Jetting abroad for a city break is all very well but every minute stuck at the airport or shoehorned into an airless airliner is time wasted.

You need somewhere just an hour’s drive away. In a stunningly beautiful and peaceful countryside location but still close to civilisation. And very civilised it is too.

The Olde Bell Inn is just 75 minutes from central London and 51 minutes from Oxford. We’re easily reachable thanks to the M4, M40 and a few handy A-roads.

So you’ll soon be tucking into a romantic candlelit dinner, watching the sun set over the Thames – not queuing at the airport before wedging yourself into a cramped airline seat.

Pity those poor airline passengers. When their economy flight has landed and they’re stuck at passport control, you’ll be relaxing in your luxury room with its claw-foot bathtub and king size bed.


There’s only one way to follow a dreamy night’s sleep and that’s with a Full English Breakfast or Buffet Continental (which includes our very own inn-made breads).

And after the perfect cuppa or rousing coffee, it’s time to explore – because we’re not just an inn. We’re more like a small village, complete with tithe barn, lodge, wildflower garden, formal gardens, tennis court and fire pit.

Enjoy a relaxing walk along the Thames Path or head off into the countryside. Or into Henley with its Georgian frontages, quirky shops, royal rowing heritage and Midsomer Murders filming locations.

Pop back to the Olde Bell for an elegant afternoon tea. Succumb helplessly to the temptation of our freshly made scones, finger sandwiches or home-made cakes.

But leave room for dinner. Will you be having the aged fillet beef, the roasted duck breast, the best end lamb, the fillet of seabass or the wild mushroom risotto?


Ah, more of the same. The perfect excuse to hone one’s appreciation of the finer things in life.

And best of all, you have plenty of time in which to do so because – while we’d like to think of ourselves as your second home – your other home is only an hour’s drive away.

So you can put off heading back for as long as possible while you soak up the rural Berkshire lifestyle and luxuriate to your heart’s content.

That’s so much better than rushing back to the airport to grab the last plane home isn’t it?

It’s time to set the wheels in motion…

Planning your secret getaway is very easy. Like all well laid plans, the key to its success lies in its simplicity.

All you need to do is give us a discreet call. We won’t tell a soul…

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