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Why You Need An Offsite Conference Venue

The Olde Bell Inn conference venue in Hurley, Berkshire


Your business did okay last year but could it have done better? Are you in danger of getting in a rut? Reacting to events instead of seizing the initiative?

The best way to cope with the future is to create it. And you won’t do that if you keep doing things the same way. It’s time for a change. Time to shake up the troops and get some fresh ideas.

So change your business scenery. Escape the daily distractions of office life – if only for a day – and you will inspire fresh thinking.

There are five main reasons why offsite meetings are vital for your business:

  • Better productivity – fewer distractions
  • More creativity – far better brainstorming (more on this further on…)
  • Raising morale – add in some teambuilding activities (especially ones with a greater purpose, such as using Belbin team theory to evaluate project roles among your people)
  • Great networking – between sessions you can meet other executives and explore opportunities
  • Superior technology, better facilities.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg…

Escaping The Rut Improves Brainstorming

Serious innovation requires serious change. Not just tinkering around the edges. You won’t revolutionise your market if you simply revise a few tactics.

You need to radically review your strategy. Not just what you do and how you do it but the very reason your business exists.

Your ‘why’.

Watch this video of Simon Sinek’s Start With Why TED talk. It’s essential viewing for any business leader serious about innovation.

Blue sky thinking is much harder in over-familiar surroundings. You can never be truly free to discuss the crucial ‘why’ that leads to innovation if you’re surrounded by all the baggage of what you already do.

So get away from your day-to-day rut. You’ll always be chained to your existing paradigms if you never leave your office.

You need somewhere idyllic and bit unusual to inspire all those great ideas just waiting to be unearthed.

Which is where our quirky Berkshire conference venue comes in. We’re only 40 minutes from London.

Conference Rooms With A Difference

You won’t be surprised to learn that an 882-year-old inn is much more inspiring than the average office-type meeting room.

Yes, we have all the modern conference facilities you’d come to expect – data projectors, screens, flip charts, stationery, wi-fi, parking and so on.

And our six different meeting rooms are full of character. They include a beautifully beamed Tithe Barn, a wood-panelled Library, the magnificent Oak Room and a Music Room with chequered rug and stone fireplace.

We can offer exclusive use so you won’t be disturbed in your deliberations – and between conference sessions you can relax in our walled garden.

Refreshments are served regularly and our Summer Kitchen team can create relaxing BBQ meals from ingredients grown in our very own Kitchen Gardens. (It’s worth noting that our home-grown strawberries are looking utterly scrumptious right now.)

Conference Rooms Offer

Meetings rooms at the Olde Bell start at just £39 per delegate (including a two-course lunch or working lunch buffet) plus three refreshment breaks. This offer is running throughout July until 29th December 2017.

Have a look at our meetings and events brochure for more details.

Then request a quote online or contact us to discuss your requirements.

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