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February 23, 2018
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Useful Tips to Help You Prepare for a Rainy Spring Wedding

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Spring is sprung (almost),

The grass is griss,

I wonder where the birdies is…


Spring is almost upon us and if you’re planning a wedding it’s as well to remember that spring months can be some the wettest depending on where you live. Although couples don’t want to think bad weather could spoil their big day, they should be prepared rather than try to manage it when it happens.

In this article, we provide some top tips to help you plan for a wet wedding day.


Make sure there’s an indoor escape

It’s fine to host an outdoor wedding under blue skies and twinkling stars but as most weddings are arranged months in advance the weather can never be accurately predicted. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a back-up plan in case the bright sunshine turns to a dull grey. Most importantly, make sure there’s an indoor space, or a marquee, that you and your guests can escape to in the event of a downpour.


Towels, umbrellas and boots

If the three- or four-day weather report before your wedding date suggests rain, you could purchase a supply of colourful hand towels, umbrellas and cute rain boots for your wedding party and guests. Providing these useful items will be a talking point and create some fun. Umbrellas don’t have to be large or expensive either, they just need to keep everyone dry.


Your makeup and hair

When doing your own wedding makeup use primer on your skin to help it stay on longer. Waterproof makeup is perfect for a tearful bride and a rained-on one … and using invisible powder to set your makeup once it’s done is another good idea. There are also sprays that can seal your makeup for the entire day.


For your hair, try using a humidity resistant hairspray. If you hire a professional hair and makeup stylist, they’re sure to know how to apply long-lasting makeup and keep your hair beautiful and frizzle-free even in rainy weather.


Wedding insurance

Insurance isn’t going to brighten the weather, but it can save you a lot of worry and stress. If you have to cancel or postpone your wedding due to really bad weather, a wedding insurance policy is the answer. This type of insurance policy also normally covers the cost of rescheduling a wedding due to damage to the ceremony or reception site, or if the area become completely inaccessible because of bad weather.



Even in the rain, beautiful pictures of your wedding day can be captured. Check with your photographer how he or she will work if it does rain or the weather is overcast and gloomy. If they’re an experienced professional, they’ll be able to deliver creative solutions and use the rain and lighting to their advantage.

The Olde Bell team

If you’re planning a wedding, why not discuss your ideas with the experienced wedding specialists at the Olde Bell Hotel. They’ll introduce you to some stunning event spaces and facilities and will also provide a ‘bad weather’ plan, to ensure that everything goes off smoothly. The hotel offers competitive prices, a great selection of wines and champagnes and the very best in cuisine.

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