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June 26, 2017
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Three Reasons Why A Barn Wedding Is More Romantic

Berkshire barn wedding venue The Olde Bell at Hurley

Berkshire barn wedding venue The Olde Bell at Hurley

You don’t have to be country-born and bred to realise all the great advantages that our Berkshire barn wedding venue offers over the city.

We’re only 45 minutes from London but an idyllic world away from all the congestion and stress of the capital.

Think about the three big advantages of getting married in a beautiful barn…

1. You’re Marrying In An Historic Great Hall

You’ll be lord and lady of the manor on your big day. Forget the identikit conveyor belt weddings that bland modern establishments offer – this will be your unique magical moment.

Put aside the term ‘barn’ and its agricultural connotations for a moment. You’ll be marrying in a great hall crowned by a magnificent latticework of sturdy ancient beams.

Great halls like our Tithe Barn have borne witness to solemn ceremonies and great celebrations like yours across the centuries.

So whatever your historical vibe – be it Saxon, Viking, Mediaeval, Tudor, Elizabethan, Jacobean, Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian – this is the perfect venue for your great day.

And best of all, there’s nothing ‘faux historic’ about our 16th century Tithe Barn – it’s all real. Remember, this wedding barn has been standing here ever since the Tudors ruled England.

And the Olde Bell Inn dates back to the year 1135 – 22 years before the birth of Richard the Lionheart!

2. It’s A Stunning Location For Your Wedding Photography (And Video)

Weddings are becoming more like movie shoots or celebrity magazine spreads with every passing season.

Inspired by glossy society magazines, couples are becoming much more demanding about the quality of photography. Unique no longer cuts it. They want iconic.

And so they should, we’re talking about the happiest day of their lives so far (the best days are yet to come).

It takes a venue as special as the Olde Bell to provide the canvas on which you and your expert photographer will create the visual masterpieces that will record your most memorable of days.

And a barn is a blank canvas – so it makes it much easier to apply all the special touches and details that will set your big day apart from other weddings you’ve attended in the past as guests.

It’s your day – so let’s make it truly yours.

3. Our Tithe Barn Will Be Still Here Long After You’ve Said ‘I Do’

It’s always heartbreaking when a building from your past gets demolished for redevelopment: the hospital where you were born; your first school; perhaps even your beloved childhood home.

How would you feel if the same thing happened to your wedding venue? Lost forever, ground to dust beneath the wheels (or tracks) of the bulldozers.

That’s not going to happen to the Olde Bell. This historic wedding venues dates back 882 years and it’s here to stay. And the bragging rights are incalculable: “We married in a vaulted hall that is centuries old – half a millennium old!”

Now that’s a story to tell your kids.

Come And See Us

Experience the Olde Bell with its beautiful rooms and walled gardens for yourself – you’ll soon see why it’s such a romantic choice.

View our 2017 wedding brochure for more information and check our list of upcoming wedding events.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if we can help with more information.

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