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Four Wedding Myths That Don’t Ring True

With its timeless Home Counties charm, Four Weddings And A Funeral was the epitome of the quintessentially British rom-com.

This gentle and genteel cinematographic phenomenon was a glistening jewel in the crown of ‘90s Cool Britannia – and it remains a national treasure.

Haven’t seen it for a while? Watch Four Weddings again at your first available opportunity. It’ll remind you how wonderful it is to stay at an historic coaching inn when there are happy nuptials afoot.

And here at the Olde Bell, we go one better than Four Weddings because you can actually marry on our 882-year-old premises.

That’s right – this Grade II listed wedding venue dates back to 1135AD. We’re talking pre-Robin Hood, pre-Richard The Lionheart…when Stephen of Blois seized the crown and played his very own game of thrones.

Meanwhile, let’s dispel a few myths about country weddings (and our lovely venue in particular)…


Wedding Myth 1: You Have To Marry At The Weekend

No you don’t. It’s easy to assume that it’s weekends only for country weddings in quieter locations.

Yes, weekend weddings are popular for obvious reasons – for the convenience of all the guests attending. But mid-week weddings are entirely possible here.

Marrying mid-week makes it much easier to secure a venue with the prestige and heritage of the Olde Bell. We’re available seven days a week.

And this dovetails rather nicely with the next myth…

Wedding Myth 2: We’re Booked Up Well Into The Future

Heading into the country means fewer venues and therefore more demand. Besides, all that gorgeous scenery is a magnet for happy couples poised to tie the knot. Or so the myth goes…

Yes, we’re a popular venue but the odd weekend is still available so it’s always worth checking. Do not assume that all the best weekends will have gone.

Sometimes weekends remain available either through sheer chance or because it’s later in the summer and approaching autumn.

So it’s always worth keeping an eye on our Saturday wedding offers.


Wedding Myth 3: Boutique Rural Wedding Venues Offer Less Choice

Boutique we may be but small we are not. The Olde Bell is more like a mini village – choose from our Victorian Malthouse or 16th century Tithe Barn (complete with oak beams) for your big day.

Our private walled gardens are perfect for champagne receptions or photography before the wedding breakfast. The Malthouse Gardens also offer plenty of space for a marquee.

Lots of friends and relatives? We can accommodate up to 140 guests for the civil ceremony and wedding breakfast.


Wedding Myth 4: Country Hotels Can Be A Bit Isolated

It’s true that our idyllic location is in stunning countryside, just a few hundred metres from a truly magnificent stretch of the Thames.

But Henley is only five miles (13 minutes) away by car. Marlow is slightly closer at 4.9 miles (14 minutes.)

And thanks to the M4 we’re an hour from London and just 15 minutes from Heathrow. Not that you’d know – it’s very peaceful here.


See For Yourselves, Enjoy The Ambience

The Olde Bell has accrued a compelling allure that only centuries of history can bring.

Only by experiencing its elegance for yourself will you truly appreciate how perfect it will be for the most important day of your lives.

Our next free wedding open day will be on Sunday June 25 – and we also have wedding events planned for October 8 2017, November 26 2017, February 4 2018 and September 30 2018.

For more information, view our wedding brochure, or contact us and ask for our wedding planners.

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